All About Us

CleverClicks is a digital marketing agency with offices in Australia (Sydney) and South Africa (Cape Town). We specialise in SEO, PPC (otherwise known as Google AdWords or SEM), content marketing and Google Analytics. We use these tools to help our clients realise their business dreams.

CleverClicks was founded in 2006 and was born of our CEO’s passion for helping business owners achieve their goals.

The rise of search engines had flipped the marketing game on its head and made it possible for business owners to engage in a more efficient type of marketing – one where the customer comes to you.

This ‘inbound’ method of internet marketing presented a world of new opportunities and ways for business owners grow their businesses while spending less on advertising.

This remains our #1 focus and every member of the CleverClicks team is 100% invested in our clients’ success.

At CleverClicks, our ethos is one of complete transparency – we say what we mean and we do what we say – and nothing is more important to us than making sure our clients are kept well informed.

In an industry that gained a reputation for being a bit murky in the early days, we wanted to make sure our clients felt completely in control.

If you choose to work with us you’ll notice that we maintain very open lines of communication and that everything we do is shared with you.

From the top down our passion for digital marketing runs deep, but it’s difficult not to love what we do.

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