Community: How We Give Back

Starting a business takes blood, sweat and tears. And let’s not forget, funds.

We’ve been blessed with amazing support along the way from friends, family and fellow entrepreneurs. The least we can do is try to give a little back.

This is why we love Kiva – the world’s coolest micro-lending site. For as little as $25, you can lend directly to a budding entrepreneur to help them lift themselves out of poverty. It’s capitalism at its best: lending to micro businesses that use the money to expand their market stall, or buy another sewing machine, or an extra oven etc., and then pay the money back with the profits generated.

In this way, one donation can be used over and over again! The default rate at Kiva is exceptionally low. Check out for more info on how you too can make a difference.

We also participate in various fundraising events.

There was one in particular that changed our perception of homelessness in Australia: The CEO Sleepout organised by St Vincent de Paul Society and held at Luna Park.

On a chilly and wet winter’s night, 220 CEOs spent a night roughing it in the open air with only a sleeping bag and a sliver of cardboard. You could feel the CEOs’ mindsets changing as we listened to homeless people sharing their stories. Knowing we were all about to experience one night of “homelessness” ourselves made the stories that much more real. It was an exceptionally effective way to create change.

We recently discovered a cause in Bali that really pulled at our heartstrings. (The John Fawcett Foundation) is a humanitarian foundation that raises money to give free cataract surgery to those who can’t afford it. We make a donation on behalf of our clients and are ecstatic to announce that we have made it possible for six people to undergo free cataract surgery and regain their site.

If you’re a registered charity, we also do some pro bono online marketing strategy work. Please make an online enquiry.