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Search for Sales Success

Sydney Morning Herald: While most people have accepted Google as an everyday part of life, a relatively fewer number of people recognise the power of Google in analysing customer behaviour and its ability to directly increase sales, reduce costs and boost a business’s bottom line. According to online marketing expert Philip Shaw, people are often…

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One-stop shop: investing in your business Many small businesses are gearing up for conference season. It’s a time that relished by those who love the networking, learning and parties. And it’s a time that’s dreaded by others – those who can’t stand another exhibition booth or business card draw. I’ll admit that I avoided the conference circuit for many years…

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Get noticed by Google

The Daily Telegraph: With one billion internet users worldwide and 14 million in Australia, being easily found in Google can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Even if you don’t sell online, many of your potential customers do research on Google before making their buying decisions. If customers don’t find your…

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google AdWords Campaigns

My Business magazine: It’s ironic that the first thing that businesses usually cut in challenging times is their marketing costs. This can have the exact opposite effect that was intended. Sales enquiries slow even more and expenses are cut again, and the business is in a fast downward spiral. You should have systems in place…

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Philip Shaw – My Story

Mindfood magazine: People dream of running their own business, of plunging into the unknown. What if you knew you couldn’t fail? I’d always dreamed of running my own business, but in my early 30s I was still stuck working for a large corporate company. Deep down I knew I had entrepreneurial talent, but nagging self-doubt…

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Tips for successful Google AdWords campaigns Google AdWords can be the most profitable advertising you’ll ever do, provided you do it correctly. This article reviews three common mistakes businesses make when running their own Google AdWords campaigns. 1. Your advert does not have an enticing offer Google Adwords campaigns are first and foremost “advertising” and basic advertising principles still apply…

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