Why Choose Us

1. Awesome results

We know your #1 focus is results and for the record, we have produced some pretty damn good ones. In fact, we are proud to share with you that Google has published two of our client case studies detailing businesses that have achieved staggering returns of over 20:1. Not bad, right?

While we can’t guarantee you the same, you can rest assured we have kickass PPC & SEO skills and expert experience (we’ve been doing search marketing since 2007), and we’ll be working extremely hard to get you the type of results you can boast about at dinner parties.

Not yet sold? We have a wealth of case studies and testimonials for you to read, and clients for you to contact.

2. Single-minded focus

We feel many agencies get distracted from their core skills by offering a bunch of related services to diversify their revenue streams.

Here in CleverClicks country, we have a single-minded focus: Search marketing – also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & PPC (Pay Per Click advertising).

That’s it. And that has immense advantages.

We do, however, also spend an unhealthy amount of time inside Google Analytics because it helps us drive more profitable results. So we know a thing or two about GA too.

3. 100% transparency & ownership of data

Let’s face it – the internet marketing industry has some credibility issues. Who hasn’t heard of some poor soul paying for a service and then not getting any results?

It’s either that or they’re jumping through hoops to find out what, if any, work has been done on their account. That’s why we are obsessed with transparency.

Transparency of process

We are very clear about what we are doing on your behalf, and you will always have 24/7 access to ALL of your data (not just limited access).

Transparency of fees

Our fees are always separate from the search engine’s fees.

In fact, we are so devoted to transparency, we are starting a worldwide PPC organisation based on the standards of operation we feel all agencies should adhere to.

4. No Contracts

Contracts? We do not believe in contracts. We like to prove our value on a month-to-month basis. Locking you into a contract is nuts. Besides, we want you to want to be working with us!

Initially, we ask you to verbally commit to at least two months as this gives us enough time to work our magic. But after that we only need 30 days’ written notice if you intend to cancel. No strings attached.

5. Exclusivity

We are well aware that we will have access to some very confidential aspects of your business, so we voluntarily agree not to work with a direct competitor in your same geography.

We don’t understand how some companies can outsource to a large agency or reseller knowing they’ll be working with many of their competitors – that’s not how we roll.

We will call you before we take on a new client, if we see a potential conflict, to get your approval.

We’d rather decline their business than lose yours!

6. We measure everything

Measuring means money in the bank. That’s why we insist on both call tracking (if you receive a significant number of your leads via the phone) and auditing your Google Analytics account.

If necessary, we will recommend changing the way analytics records goals on your website.

Remember, not measuring properly, means you’re throwing money away. Why do that?

7. We offer expertise

International speaker & quoted expert

Director Philip Shaw has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, My Business magazine, The Age, NETT Magazine and The Daily Telegraph. He speaks at many business events in Australia and overseas, including Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and Search Engine Strategies (SES) – the two leading search marketing conferences in the world. Philip has also been interviewed on Australian radio.

Our team are also regular attendees at leading conferences in both the United States and locally. Additionally, we have completed the only Google-endorsed Google Analytics training and the Advanced Google AdWords training (in the US).

Sharing expertise

Director Philip Shaw is fanatical about helping people educate themselves in both online marketing and SEM.

He is founder and host of the popular Online Marketing Secrets Podcast, where he interviews the world’s best online marketing experts in their respective fields (e.g. SEO, AdWords, analytics, copywriting, digital strategy, usability, conversions). This particularly awesome podcast is available in iTunes.

Google Certified Partner

Last but certainly not least, CleverClicks is a Google Certified Partner and a proud part of Google’s Agency Partners Program. This means we have passed Google’s exams, and are invited by Google to partake in training days where we learn the latest best practices in search marketing.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we get to see “The Algorithm”!

So whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or a moon base with an excellent internet connection, choosing CleverClicks is a sure-fire way to skyrocket your ROI while you sit back and enjoy the view.