15 Awesome Google Search Tricks

By Steph Von der Heyde | Content Network

Jun 23

If you use Google’s search box without knowing these tricks it’s a bit like buying a Bentley and never leaving 1st gear.  But never mind, today is the day. Here are 15 top tricks we use almost every day to help us get the most out of Google search.

Search Exact Phrases – If you’re searching for an one phrase and one phrase only, use quotation marks around it.

Screenshot of "how to run for mayor" search and results

Exclude a word – If you’d like to exclude a word from your search use a hyphen before the word. For example:


Search for a domain – You can search within a specific URL by including site:example.com.au in your search.


Find similar content – To search content similar to those found on a URL you already like, use related: before adding the URL.


Search for pages that contain specific words – To find pages that have all the keywords you’re looking for in the copy, use allintext: before the search terms.


Search for titles that contain specific words – Like the tip above, you can also find pages with titles that contain the keywords you’re searching for by using allintitle:


Search for multiple items – You can enter more than one query into Google at a time to view all options. Simply key on “OR” between the terms.


Find content by location – To look for news or content from a particular location, use location:


Forgotten words – Forgotten a word in a phrase? Use an asterisk in its place  You can also get suggestions by using Google’s auto-completion feature. Just type out the full phrase, then delete the word you want to replace.


Do maths on Google Search – Just type in your equation and let Google do the rest.


Search using images by clicking on the camera icon on the right hand side of the search bar. You can then upload an image (or enter its URL) and Google will identify features and tell you all it knows about it.