Audio Content Soon To Be Searchable in Google

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

May 04

Google is going to add an audio dimension to their search results.

So, soon, instead of just text, images and video results being delivered for your queries, you’ll get audio results as well.

And not just if you search for the title of the audio content either: Google are planning to teach the search engine to figure out what audio files (like podcasts) are about, and so if you search a theme or keyword/phrase that is mentioned in the podcast, you’ll see that podcast showing up in the SERPS.

Google recently released this statement:

“With all the amazing work podcasters are publishing each day, there’s no good reason why audio isn’t a first-class citizen.”

One of the ways Google plans to make audio content more searchable is to incorporate podcast metadata into search results.

Why Should You Care?

Once this starts happening, it’ll provide you with another way to be featured and found in the search results. By creating audio content like podcasts, you’ll basically be adding another string to your content marketing bow.

It’ll also mean that all the work you put into creating your Podcasts can now help your website’s SEO, and your podcasts will be simpler and easier for users to find online. It may also mean that audio content creators will need to start optimising their audio content, which is an interesting prospect.

Finally, this shows, once again, how serious Google is about voice recognition, so we can expect to see voice and audio search keep growing.