Autoplay Video Search Results of Celebs Answering FAQs

The average user spends about 30 minutes a day consuming video content from their mobile – up from 4 minutes in 2012.

As we know, more than half of all online searches worldwide are done via a mobile phone. What we also know is that more and more people are watching videos from their mobile – mobile users are naturally more engaged with video content.

Google has asked a select number of celebrities to pre-record videos of themselves answering a few frequently asked questions about them. These videos are being displayed at the top of mobile search results for related queries.

For example, if you search “does Will Ferrell play the drums” from your mobile, the top result is an autoplay self-recorded video of Will Ferrell answering the question. How cool is that?!

According to the announcement, this new feature is a “snapshot of what’s to come.”

Why should you care?

Although only for a select few celebrities right now, we suspect this will eventually roll out across all industries.

A question being answered straight from the horse’s mouth is a trusted answer. If you have frequently asked questions about you or your business from existing or potential customers, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about answering those questions with a

self-recorded video – they’re likely to soon be the top of search results for the growing mobile search market!


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