Best Practice For Writing Title Tags – Infographic

By Steph Von der Heyde | Infographics

Feb 23
Title tags best practice

What’s a title tag?

  • A title tag is the blue heading you see on the SERP
  • It’s just as critical as a headline as it tells both users and search engines what they’ll find on your page

A good title tag helps SEO by:

  • Increasing a page’s relevance to themes and keywords.
  • Attracting clicks from searchers, thereby improving CTR (click through rate).

SEO best practice for writing title tags

  1. Keep the length between 55 and 65 characters (Max 512 pixels)
  2. Ensure that your title tag accurately describes the page’s content
  3. Use the page’s primary keywords at the start of your title tag
  4. Each title tag must be unique for each page
  5. Include an enticing a call to action
  6. Avoid repeating keywords

Where does my title tag go?

  • In <head> section of the HTML code.
  • Most CMSs – including WordPress – have a field where you can easily add your title tag.