Digital Marketing Tips for 2018 from Roger Dooley | Neuromarketing

We met up with Roger Dooley, author and speaker who specializes in neuromarketing. Here are his 2017 learnings and his top tip for 2018.

Naeem: “What was your biggest lesson in digital marketing in 2017?”

Roger: “I think what I am seeing in 2017 is greater understanding that you need to use some of these psychological triggers and behaviour science triggers, as opposed to more logical tools.”

Naeem: “What is your top tip in digital marketing for 2018?”

Roger: “Stay focussed on the brain for one. With Cialdini’s newest Principal of Influence Unity – to focus on shared identity with customers, and making it very visible. I don’t see many companies doing this.

Even for instance with sporting companies who often have that shared identity with their customers.

In other words, their customers are lifestyle people who engage in an outdoor lifestyle, who are crazy about fishing or hunting or whatever, and these companies would fail to establish that bond with the customer who has those same interests as them. It’s got to be visible, you know? You don’t bury it on the about us page where nobody looks. It’s got to be on the homepage, the landing page.”

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