Eric Enge’s Top Digital Marketing Tip for 2018

By Naeem Dollie | Conference

Dec 07
Digital marketing tip for 2018 from Eric Enge

We met up with Eric Enge from Stone Temple, and asked him about his learnings from 2017 and what his top digital marketing tip is for 2018. Here’s what he said.

Naeem: “What is your biggest lesson of 2017?”

Eric: “Okay, so I think my biggest lesson in 2017 is the overwhelming majority of webmasters who are under invested in proving their content quality. The need to improve content quality is so prevalent everywhere – so that’s my biggest lesson.”

Naeem: “What’s your top digital marketing tip for 2018?

Eric: “Well see, it would be a little trite for me to give you the same answer and say improve your content quality, but I think, learn how to get featured snippets, because that’s going to become more and more important.

They’re going to have more and more answers that are given to you by voice and if you’re not getting set up to get those then you’re in bad shape.”