Facebook Launches Brand Collabs.

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Jul 13
iphone displaying social media apps

Facebook has released a new feature that allows brands and businesses to connect with Facebook’s creators. The tool, called  Brand Collabs, is already available in the US and is rolling out across the globe as we speak.

If you’re not a Facebook video user: ‘creators’ are users who create and publish video content on Facebook – similar to YouTube’s version of channel creators.

Brand Collabs allows brands to search for creators who best suit their needs – even finding those who are already fans of their brand – and makes it really easy for them to connect and establish partnerships.

For brands, this allows them to find and start relationships with influencers who might be able to promote their products or offerings.

For creators, this allows them to be found by brands and potentially pick up sponsorships and other attractive deals.

For users, it’ll (hopefully) mean that the partnerships and sponsorships will be more authentic, with the brands and products that creators promote being well-suited to the creator and more attractive to the audience who follow them.

Why Should You Care:

With video content being all the rage on social platforms (see our last post on Instagram TV), this is a great opportunity for brands who want to make use of social media influencers.

The ability to find and connect with creators who are most suited to your brand will result in better audience targeting, greater reach and a more authentic experience for users.

If you want to check it out for yourself, this announcement by Facebook is a good place to start.