FaceBook Pay Per Click (SMX Sydney, Day 2)

By Philip | Conference

Apr 23

Speaker = Dennis Yu

I get the feeling Dennis could be one of the smartest guys at this conference.

  • Social metrics are different to Adwords (cost per fan, not cost per conversion).
  • Target ads based on a user’s “interests”, eg basketball.
  • On Facebook you’re targetting people BEFORE they buy, ie before they go to Google.
  • Use pictures of people’s face in your ads (the image is the most important thing to test!).
  • Use a local phone number in the ad. People like local.
  • Facebook = AdWords in 2003 in terms of sophistication.
  • You must drive the click to your Fan page, because of the viral effects, and they don’t want to leave Facebook (they won’t trust your domain as much as Facebook).
  • If you want volume, you need to bid on CPM not CPC.
  • You can target different jobs, eg marketing managers in Sydney.
  • Remember that ads with high CTR can get a low conversion rate.
  • In Facebook there are only 3 ad positions (not 10 like AdWords).
  • The key to advertising on Facebook is to consider the viral flow on effects, ie friends of the fan, becoming fans.
  • Facebook.com/username to claim a vanity URL.
  • (Dennis speaks fast…)
  • Great session!

Speaker = Marty (Aimclear)

I know Marty loves Facebook. This session should be good.

  • Marty says don’t tweet or blog this session – too much info.
  • You should be fired if you’re not doing Facebook advertising.
  • It’s not “search”, DO NOT put your AdWords ads on Facebook!
  • Die mass markets. Die. It’s all about segments.
  • Marty is showing lots of stats of segments in Facebook.
  • (This man is HIGH ENERGY. Fun session.)
  • OK Marty you’re exhausting me… so…many…stats…
  • 119 slides. ahhhhh… and breathe…

2 really good sessions.

I get the feeling Facebook advertising in Australia will get a boost after Dennis & Marty’s session.

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By Philip Shaw

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