Google Confirms: AMP results are officially rolling out

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Oct 11
accelerated mobile pages

Google is officially bringing AMP pages to the core mobile search results. In August, Google announced their plans to expand AMP from the top news section (where it first launched) to the main links in the mobile results. Google have now confirmed that is has happened and gone live.

If you need a quick refresher: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a collaborative project launched by Google to improve pages’ load speeds on mobile devices.

It’s the logo in your search results that looks like this:


If you aren’t seeing it on your very own mobile search results, you soon will. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that this is a gradual rollout so not everyone will see it fully yet, but it’s gone global and it’s on it’s way.


Why Should You Care:

If mobile is an important platform for you (and it is for almost everyone with a website) you should get on the AMP train. AMP improves the user’s experience on your site and there’s really no downside to that.

This update also shows how serious Google is about AMP and, while it’s not a ranking factor (yet), mobile friendliness and speed are ranking signals and AMP is mobile friendly and fast. However Google did say: “To clarify, this is not a ranking change for sites”.

If you want to learn more about the AMP project watch this video, and if you’d like to learn how to start implementing it, read this.

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