Google officially rolls out a new PPC Ad icon

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Mar 01
Google AdWords logo

We noticed Google testing the green outlined Ad label a few weeks back, but the search giant has now made it official. This is the new icon you’ll be seeing on your PPC ads:

Clear PPC

Google has confirmed that the new white background look is now rolling out globally. It is replacing the old solid green one that’s been in use since June 2016.

Google say that the colour change had no bearing on consumers’ ability to distinguish ads from organic listings on the page.

It is likely to have an effect on CTRs, though. We can’t see Google going through all this effort if it wasn’t going to impact their bottom line in some way. Most people agree that the new ads do look a bit more like organic listing than their predecessors.

Google’s ads have undergone a lot of changes over the years – just have a look at this stroll down memory lane created by Search Engine Land:
google ad shading and labeling

Why Should You Care?

As mentioned, these new ads look more similar to the organic listings than previous versions. This is part of Google’s push to make paid ads appear more ‘organic’ in order to up the trust factor for users.

This change may have an effect on your ad’s performance – so keep an eye out for that.

It may also hint that more changes ‘to improve trust factor’ may be on the horizon.

It’s also always good to be reminded of how Google are constantly testing, changing and optimising their SERPs. Keeping on top of these changes – however small they may seem – is the key to staying relevant in 2017 and beyond.