Google Reps To Make Changes To Some Accounts Unless You Opt Out

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Feb 01

Google has been contacting some advertisers about this change already, saying that it will handle their campaign management.

“We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business” is Google’s ostensible reasoning, and even though the announcement has been met with considerable hostility, Google has remained firm.

According to the email, they’ll be making changes such as restructuring your ad groups, modifying your keywords, adjusting your bids and even updating your ad text. They’ve also said they will take charge of “setup and ongoing activation of advanced features” and “ensure the right features are being activated at the right moment.”

There is, of course, the option to opt out, but unless you do Google can start making the above changes from tomorrow.

Why should you care?

Well, at the risk of stating the obvious: If you don’t opt-out, Google can start making changes.

Is this good news?

If you’re not taking a hands-on approach to your Adwords then this change might be a good one for you – management by Google will certainly be better than no management at all. However, for those of you who manage your campaigns carefully, having a third-party altering your campaigns is unsettling.

The key point that most people are discussing on the forums – and it’s a valid one – is that if Google are ultimately the ones to profit from your campaigns, do you also want them making the decisions on your behalf?

So, if you get an email with the headline “We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business”  it means that Google will be free to make changes they like unless you opt out.