Google Says Mobile & Desktop Pages Should Be Equivalent

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Jun 28

This week, SEOs and webmasters learned that Google want your mobile and desktop pages to be “fully equivalent in content & functionality, regardless of indexing.”

This came out of a Twitter conversation between Google’s John Mueller and a number of webmasters who were begging for a mobile-first indexing timeline (following Google’s suggestion that you should do your m-dot to responsive migration before the mobile first index).

Mueller replied with:

“The mobile pages should be fully equivalent in content & functionality regardless of indexing.” He added:”Why wait to fix?” implying that those who don’t do it will end up having to fix it later on.

Why Should You Care?

This is an interesting confirmation, as many companies are still under the impression that they can get away with a different or scaled down version on their sites on mobile – as long as it’s mobile friendly.

This is not the case and Mueller has just confirmed it. While there are certain differences you can have between your mobile and desktop sites (like collapse & expand sections, for example), your content and overall functionality needs to be the same on both.

This is yet another mobile warning shot that should be heeded by all those not paying enough attention to their mobile sites. The time to act is now. As Mueller says, why wait to fix?