Google Tests “Website Mentions” in Local Packs

By Anika | Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Sep 06
Local pack

Google’s latest experiment informs searchers when a part of their search query can be found in the website copy for a local business listing.

So, as can be seen in the example below, if a searcher is looking for storage facilities which use climate control technology, the local business listing will include a message saying that Their website mentions climate control”.

image of mentions in Google local pack

Why should you care?

With “website mentions”, your business has the chance to stand out above competitors in the local listings. This means that, if you create content around any of your niche attributes, they’ll be highlighted in the local listings for users searching for that specific keyword.

Ranking in a Google local pack takes into account the distance of your business to the searcher, as well as its relevance to the search of course. But while ranking in a local pack is one thing, standing out from your local competition is another.

This new feature means that having website copy on every aspect of your business’ products, from “recyclable material” to “locally sourced” can give your website the chance to stand out in a local pack, and increase click-through-rates from people searching for those very specific long-tail keywords.

To learn more about how to rank in a local pack, read Google’s guidelines here.