Google Updates Related Featured Snippets

By Anika | The 1 Thing

Dec 20
Google written in sweets

Google recently rolled out a significant change to how it displays some related search results (these are the suggestions that comes up when you do a search). Now, for selected queries, users will see related searches with a thumbnail next to it with the option to expand each item for more details.

As you can imagine, this makes the related searches even more visible with easy access to further information on the Google results page.

In other words, now that this change has rolled out users can have their query answered without browsing through to a new search results page.

This is what it looks like the related search results can look like now:

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And this is what it can look like when you click on the related search item:

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Why should you care?

  1. Digital marketers will find this exciting because it means that their content, if optimised for featured snippets, they have an additional opportunity to appear more prominently in search results.
  2. On the other hand, expandable related search results can reduce traffic to web pages not appearing in the position 0.