Google’s new “best product” carousel makes reviews even more important for brands

By Anika | The 1 Thing

Feb 01
searching on Google

Google have added a new feature to their search results which lists positively reviewed products upon a query looking for “the best” of something.

We know that Google reviews have always been an important factor in local search, with Google favouring brands with positive Google reviews in local listings (or local packs), with their Google review star rating appearing as well.

This new feature takes things to the next level, with Google now listing individual products which have been reviewed positively online.

Every featured product so far seems to have been reviewed positively by an external website, being included in a list of best products, for example. The referencing site is also mentioned as a source in the product’s card, as can be seen below.

Google new best product carousel


Why should you care?

While it’s always been important to have your products rated highly on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, it’s now equally important to have your products written about in a positive light by external sites who are listing or writing about “the best” of a certain product-type.

Featuring in an article like this combined with positive ratings of your product is a sure-fire way to have your products featured in Google’s new “best product” carousel. And who is more trustworthy than Google?

This new feature has only been seen in the US as of now, but we’re sure that it’s likely to be launched world-wide fairly soon.

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