Google’s Text Extensions Are Going Live

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Nov 01
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A few weeks ago we reported that Google was testing message extensions on mobile. Well, it looks like testing went well, because they’ve just announced that this will start rolling out across the globe in the next few weeks.

The new click-to-text option can be used in addition to click-to-call, and adds a new way for your customers to get in touch. Google have also added a few extra features for advertisers to play with. Here’s the example image provided by Google:


Notice the new placement of the call and message extensions in cards below the main ad? You’ll also notice the call to action in the extension text – that’s new too.

Google says it will allow advertisers to edit the call to action and also to set up an initial, automated text that will appear in the message box after a user clicks the extension. Users will be able to edit that pre-populated message before sending, but it’s an opportunity for you to help users save time typing.

Google has released a best practices guide to go along with this announcement, so we recommend you have a look at that before getting started.

Who Does it Affect?

Businesses that run Google ads on mobile.

Why should you care?

This is new extension provides a new way for your customers to contact you, so you should care a great deal.

With this text option you’re likely to get leads you wouldn’t ordinarily have got (like those who have a question for you but wouldn’t have made a phone call to find out). It’s also a useful feature if you don’t have someone available to take calls 24/7 as you can set up an automated text response, and will appeal to customers who are phone-shy.

We suggest you read the best practice guide and get started with is as soon as it becomes available to you.