LinkedIn launches Matched Audiences

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

May 04

The business-orientated social media website is finally offering some new and exciting ways for businesses to reach the right audiences through LinkedIn advertising.

How it works 

Matched Audience allows businesses the choice of 3 new ways to target their audience on LinkedIn:

  • Website retargeting  this allows you to reach the exact people who have visited your website on LinkedIn. All you have to do is add the Linkedin Insight tag on your website, and it does the rest for you! According to the testing phase, advertisers saw click-through rates (CTRs) increase by 30%, with the cost-per-conversion decreasing by 14%.
  • Contact targeting – this allows you to upload up to 30,000 email addresses from your own database, ensuring that you have a say in exactly who sees your ads. Advertisers using this in the testing phase saw their CTRs increase by 37%.
  • Account targeting – this allows you to target up to 300,000 companies who are on LinkedIn. Once uploaded, LinkedIn automatically matches them against millions of other companies. This ensures that your ad only targets companies that are in your industry. Advertisers using this in the testing phase saw conversion rates increase by 32%, with almost a 5% decrease in their cost-per-conversion.

Why should you care?

LinkedIn advertising can be a really great alternative to Facebook’s demographic and retargeting; and even more so now with the launching of Matched Audiences. It’s easy to implement and looks almost guaranteed to provide results.

If you’d like to find out more, you can watch this short video by LinkedIn which explains the above-mentioned targeting tools in more detail.