Now You Can Segment ‘New’ vs ‘Returning’ Visitors To Your Brick & Mortar Business Locations.

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Nov 07

We all know how useful it is to segment ‘new’ vs ‘returning’ visitors to your website, and now you’re able to do the same to store visitors IRL (in real life).

Google Ads advertisers who track “store visits” (people who visit their store locations in the flesh) now have the option to segment by “New and Returning” visitors – i.e differentiate between first-time visitors and those who return to the physical store.

The “new vs returning” segmentation applies to all conversions columns in analytics, including custom columns.


Why Should You Care?

Being able to segment new and repeat customers gives you the ability to tailor your ad messaging or marketing strategy accordingly.

For example, you may want to promote special offers to new customers only, or change the way you address people who have been to your store before.

The more specific you’re able to be with your targeting, the more effective you can be with your messaging and strategy.

Google announced this feature last week adding, “If your business goal is to maximize sales from existing customers, identify which campaigns and ad groups reach the most returning customers and focus your budgets, bid increases and keyword expansions there.”