Paid Ads Now Available On Pinterest

By Steph Von der Heyde | The 1 Thing

Feb 13

Pinterest has been on the scene for 7 years (yup, that makes us feel old too), and for the first time it’s launching a paid search advertising product to small and medium businesses.


Their campaigns will allow advertisers to manage the budget, targeting, and creative – just like Adwords – and the pricing will be based on objective (impressions, clicks, engagement, etc.) – Just like Facebook and Twitter.

The major difference, of course, is that Pinterest ads will be image-based instead of text based.

In its announcement, Pinterest said that 2 billion image searches are conducted every month on the platform, and most of these searches indicated high intention to purchase.  

woman looking at pinterest ads on a tablet

Why Should You Care?

Unlike advertising on Facebook and Twitter, users are actually on Pinterest to find things they’d like to buy or do or see – making it a much less interruptive form of social advertising.

This presents a new opportunity for brands, and the visual format of the ads will be especially beneficial for industries with attractive and visual products.
Currently, popular categories on Pinterest include:

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Advertisers will have access to the 150 million active Pinterest users, and will be able to access them in a way that hasn’t previously been available.
If you’re a brand that translates well visually, this is definitely worth investigating.