See where customers searched for you in new Google My Business Feature

By Max Trappler | The 1 Thing

Mar 20
CleverClicks Google My Business

There’s a neat new feature in Google My Business which allows you to see where people are located when they search  for your business’ location.

This can be viewed in the ‘Insights’ report in Google My Business, which now has a heat-map showing you where people were located when they searched for your business’ address on Google Maps, as can be seen in this image below:

Google My Business Heat-Map

Why should you care?

This provides great insight into where your target audience is located, and where they are when they search for you. This knowledge can assist you in the outreach of your promotional campaigns, whether it be the offline handing out of flyers or online social media targeting.

The new feature can also assist in your AdWords targeting if you have a physical store, giving you an idea of the radius around your store’s location that people generally search for your location. You can experiment with matching the results from the Google My Business heatmap, as well as trying to expand further out to try reach a broader audience.

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