Weekly Search Marketing Roundup – 2nd April 2014

By Anthony Coe | Google AdWords

Apr 02

Latest SEM News & Tips

Step inside Adwords on 22nd April | Inside Adwords

On 22nd April, Jerry Dischler, Google’s VP of Product Management for Adwords, will be hosting a livestream broadcast, from the Inside Adwords blog, sharing a brand new set of innovations and tools to help advertisers reach customers in more effective ways. Register here or find out more on the Inside Adwords blog.

Fine Tune Your Remarketing Campaigns with Membership Duration Segments | PPC Hero

Cassie Oumedian provides a simple tip for creating remarketing lists by membership duration, one of the many options for remarketing segmentation. She explains what membership duration is, how to determine membership duration length, and the best practices for getting it going by way of a case study. Find out more at PPC Hero.

Understanding Your Keyword Performance Better with Google’s Search Funnel Reports | PPC Hero

Jeff Baum encourages advertisers to consult Google’s Search Funnel Report before pausing underperforming keywords. He explains 3 ways to find the search funnel, how to interpret the data metrics and how to revaluate the ROI of keywords that assist conversions. Find our more at PPC Hero.

New AdWords For Video Reporting Now Rolling Out In Google Analytics | Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land reports on the new analytics feature for YouTube TrueView ads. Metrics include user engagement with the advertiser’s videos and website as well as data on paid views, cost per view and website clicks. Read more at Search Engine Land.

Latest SEM Articles from CleverClicks

Getting Inside Your Customers’ Heads to Give Them What They Want

Are you creating a bad first impression for potential customers? By understanding whether searchers are in the awareness, consideration or decision making stages is vital step to ensuring a healthy click-through and conversion rates. In this post, we consider the online buying cycle and how this should influence ad copy and keyword choices. Read about the online buying cycle and giving users what they want.

Making the Most of AdWords on a Small Budget

In this post, we provide best practice advice for advertising starting on small budgets. We cover the important of careful keyword selection, bidding for an affordable position and restricting advertising to search. Learn how to make the most of AdWords on a small budget.

Should You Bid on Your Own Brand Keywords?

This topic has been debated to death. But the crux is whether you want to create a bombastic and fine-tuned first impression for users. In this post, we give several reasons why we think you should bid on your brand.

The Art of Selecting Negative Keywords in Google Adwords

If you use broad or phrase match in your campaigns, then negative keywords are essential. But getting this right isn’t as easy as it sounds. In this post, we explore several methods of ensuring your negative keywords lists are comprehensive and accurate, reducing irrelevant keyword target and budget wastage. Read about the art of selecting negative keywords.

By Anthony Coe