Weekly Search Engine Marketing Round-Up – 27 February 2015

By Nicole Louw | Google AdWords

Mar 02

The Hardest AdWords Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Are you an AdWords Ninja or No-Hoper? WordStream Founder, Larry Kim’s err… slightly tongue-in-cheek 9-question quiz will really test the depth of your AdWords knowledge (No Googling the answers allowed).

Do you know the number for the AdWords After-hours Support Line?

Do you know who hosts PPC Rockstars?

 Take the test yourself on searchengineland.com


A Tactical Guide to Making Old Pages Rank in Google Again

Have some of your pages gone out of fashion? There may still be life in the old dog yet

 SEO guru, Neil Patel, provides insights on how you can revitalise and rejuvenate your old web pages so that they rank again. “Don’t assume that great content is going to consistently get top ranks for all time. You have to be working strategically to ensure you keep your top spot in the SERPs,” he says.

 Read the full post on searchenginejournal.com


Mobile Responsive Sites Boost Search Rankings for SMBs

ClickZ reporter, Emily Alford, explores the reluctance among small – and even big – businesses to invest in mobile optimisation, despite its role in SEO rankings. She chats to Jay Taylor, managing director at Leverage Digital.

 A lot of SMBs are resistant to upgrading their website to be responsive to mobile. They’ll all tell you SEO is their first priority and their focus is to improve their ranking, but they seem reluctant kick off the process, says Taylor.

 He explains that although the start-up costs can be high and they take a bit of time to build out, a mobile-friendly aren’t an option anymore, to be competitive on Google.

Find out more on searchenginewatch.com


Charge Up Your Phones with Call-Only Campaigns

Google has announced the launch of call-only campaigns, “a new and easy way for businesses to reach potential customers by prominently showing your phone number, business description and call button – right when people are searching”.

Call-only campaigns are specially designed to only show on mobile devices that can make phone calls. This means every click you pay for can be a phone call to your business.

 Read the full post on adwords.blogspot.com


 15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs

The Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin, goes back to basics by looking at one of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO.

 He highlights 15 best practices when it comes to the structure of domain names and URLs. Pointing out that these are more of a wish list for a perfect world, but that they don’t really affect rankings in the search engines.

 To find out more, go to moz.com


…And in CleverClicks News…


How to Quiz your Prospective SEO Agency in 8 Easy Steps

Finding the right-fit SEO agency can be a challenge, especially with all the horror stories out there of SEO agencies with less than scrupulous practices.

But if you ask the right questions, you could find yourself with a team of  SEO superheroes, who will take your online marketing to infinity and beyond… leaving your competitors trailing in your dust.


Read the full report on cleverclicks.com.au

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