Weekly Search Marketing Round-Up (14 – 18 September 2015)

By Steph Von der Heyde | Content Marketing

Sep 21

Monday 14 September

Image Courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.netContent marketing has become part of almost every business agenda and companies which barely had a website a few years ago are now blogging furiously every week.

While the blogging phenomenon is certainly not getting any smaller, some good news in this regard is the rise of data-journalism, a less-words-more-facts approach to content which is perfect for those industries who crunch a lot of numbers but don’t consider writing to be their forte. This article discusses Data’s new role in content marketing and how best to execute this approach.

Tuesday 15 September

Image courtesy of Pakor at Freedigitalphotos.netLooking for hot new talent?

Us too. This post by Ben Slater gives expert tips on how we can apply our inbound marketing skills to the recruitment process and where traditional methods are falling short.




Wednesday 16 September

Search Engine Land LogoWhile a healthy click through rate (CTR) is obviously an important factor in determining the success of a digital endeavour, there has been recent debate about whether or not it is actually a Google ranking factor.

Search Engine Land’s Jayson DeMers explores the research on both sides, and then goes on to question whether or not it actually matters.

Thursday 17 September

GoogleGoogle is taking legal action against an SEO agency which has been guaranteeing potential customers a spot on the first Google results page. According to the legal statement, Google’s claims include the following:

The defendant’s statements guaranteeing first-page placement in GOOGLE search results constitute false statements about Defendant’s services because no SEO company, including Defendant, can guarantee such placement.

The search giant have requested a jury trial and hope that the case will set a new precedent in the USA. Find all the details here.

Friday 18 September

sprocketFor all our visual learners: Hubspot’s video on how to find your brand voice offers a comprehensive video guide for finding, creating and applying a particular brand personality to your content and maintain it through all of your interactions.