Vision Eye Institute is Australia’s largest provider of ophthalmic services, with a strong commitment to clinical and scientific excellence, and delivering the highest quality outcomes for patients.

Initially established as a group practice in Victoria in 2001, Vision Eye Institute quickly expanded to include numerous sites along the eastern seaboard and is now the largest private provider of ophthalmic care in Australia.

"Our rankings have gone from 3rd to 1st page
and our key term, 'Laser Eye Surgery' is in a great 
position, which is impressive considering the competition."

Siobhan Todhunter, Head of Marketing & Communications, Vision Eye Institute

The Challenge

In mid-2015, Vision Eye Institute were significantly underperforming on organic search, with low visibility for profitable keywords.

Organic traffic had flatlined, paid search was being used to compensate for visibility on important keywords and rankings for keywords relating to laser eye surgery, a key focus area, were several pages deep.

Several competitors, whose primary focus was laser eye surgery, had invested heavily in the space and were dominating the first page of search results.

The key issues restricting effective organic search rankings were a combination of site-wide technical issues, duplicate content (both on and off the website) as well as a low quality link profile.

620% Organic Traffic Boost

Massive & sustained boost in
consultations & bookings across all clinics.

Organic traffic now represents more than 81% of total website traffic, reducing reliance on paid search for visibility on high converting keywords.

"How could I not be impressed with the results so far?
Communication and on-time delivery
are excellent."

Siobhan Todhunter, Head of Marketing & Communications, Vision Eye Institute

Our Solutions

Vision Eye Institute approached CleverClicks for an SEO strategy, with the primary KPI of booking and enquiries. Another key focus areas was achieving top rankings for the keyword ‘laser eye surgery’.

CleverClicks compiled a detailed SEO strategy, which included an in-depth website and link audit, keyword report, competitor analysis and strategic plan for ongoing technical, on page and link building activities.

Together with Vision Eye Institute’s development team, the plan was executed over following months.

Removal of low quality links while acquiring high quality links.

Optimising thin and duplicate content.

Working with the content team to create linkable content.

Optimising the site architecture and refreshing poor performing pages.

Resolving crawling and indexation issues.

Page speed optimisation.

UX testing and recommendations.

Local search optimisation.

Ongoing technical

"CleverClicks is pro-active. You address things
we haven't even thought about.

Siobhan Todhunter, Head of Marketing & Communications, Vision Eye Institute