BushmanTanks.com.au Case Study

Specialist watertank manufacturer uses Google AdWords to get onto the first page of Google and generate instant new sales leads.

Bushmans makes water tanks big and small, manufacturing and distributing plastic and polyethylene tanks for urban, rural and industrial markets in sizes ranging from 500L to 46,500L. Its factories in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia act as the manufacturing, sales, administration and delivery bases for local customers.

To ensure quality control across these four bases, Bushmans has fully documented processes and no product leaves the factory without being quality checked. With this level of commitment to its processes and products, it is not surprising Bushmans is picky about its marketing activities.

Bushman Tanks’ managing director Chris Glenn said the brand was a market leader, particularly in regional and rural markets, because of clever marketing through print, and radio advertising, flyers and resellers. However, when it came time to refocus these efforts after overhauling the website, online marketing was top of the list.

Before using Google AdWords, Bushmans only appeared in online searches if the business name was typed in. Using the keywords they wanted to appear for in searches yielded disappointing results.

“Google AdWords has been an excellent way for us to generate sales. We’re very pleased,” Chris said.

With consumers spending so much more time researching products and services online now, Bushmans decided to embrace this change and go where the customers were. With a combination of search engine optimisation (SEO), and Google AdWords, Bushmans is now able to rank very well in searches.

“We need to make sure that if people are looking for a water tank, chemical tank or a fertiliser tank, that we are on the first page of Google. We know the keywords and locations we want to be found for, as a result of that, it’s very easy for us to target our market just by using Google AdWords,” Chris explained.

Besides lead generation, Bushmans like using AdWords because it can be measured, proving it is a successful strategy. “I can measure how many visits, but more importantly, how many sales leads we receive on a daily basis, and we’re converting a good percentage,” he said.

“The return on investment for AdWords is very, very good. That’s why AdWords is a core part of our marketing mix.”

As online marketing evolves, Chris can see Bushmans investing less in traditional forms of advertising, like Yellow Pages, and focusing more on the online channel.

“We were using a large AdWords organisation and we felt like we were in a bit of a sausage machine factory.

“CleverClicks understand our strategy and what we’re trying to do; the ads are far better targeted, and the feedback is open and transparent. They have dropped our cost per lead by 40%.

“We have developed our strategy together as opposed to the previous organisation where there was a lot of ‘we can’t divulge this information’ even though I did see it as our information.

Working with someone who knows and understands AdWords, who provides full transparency of information, and is very responsive to queries is very valuable.

“As a business owner there’s a lot of balls in the air and it’s nice to have things you don’t have to put a lot of effort into because someone else is taking care of it,” Chris added.

The Cost Per Sales Lead from Adwords Dropped by 75%

“CleverClicks was a breath of fresh air when it comes to Adwords advertising and digital marketing. The professional and disciplined approach reduced our cost per sales lead at the same time as increased our total sales leads. The ROI has been great.”

“The key to their success is they listen to their client, they are totally open with their communication and the information they provide and their project management systems ensure projects get completed on time and on budget.”

“The reporting is excellent and like all good businesses they are continually improving this aspect of their service.”

“As a manufacturer of water tanks Bushmans has become heavily reliant on our digital and web based marketing activities. ”

“If you want a digital marketing partner there is no need to go past CleverClicks.”

Chris Glenn
Bushman Tanks

For more information on Bushmans go to www.bushmantanks.com.au.