Case Study

A tactical shift into Google AdWords sees the leads pour in for a specialist water cooler company.

Supplying filtered and chilled drinking water in sleek bottle-less coolers to both businesses and homes, Clearwater aims to eliminate plastic bottles. It’s staff of 48 provides service and sales support to customers nationally from offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Clearwater had tried many marketing options to reach customers, including Yellow Pages, print and radio advertising and direct mail, but found Google AdWords gave the instant results the company needed for lead generation.

Disappointed by the lack of customers coming via the Clearwater website, marketing manager Paul Carroll decided to make Google AdWords the main marketing strategy for the past year.

“AdWords is our biggest lead source and, conservatively speaking, for every dollar we’re spending on AdWords we’re getting almost $4 back in our sales,” Paul said.

“That’s been the most successful and the best return we’ve had on any investment on any marketing activity.”

Clearwater has plans to convert more bottled water drinkers to its filtered water and AdWords will help with this expansion over the long term, with backup provided via search engine optimisation (SEO).

“The usage of bottled water has started to decline and filtered water has started to increase. I can’t see any other way of having ourselves front and centre when people are making those decisions. We need to be there as a choice and AdWords gives you that, no question,” Paul explained.

“Google AdWords is important to get customers in the door immediately and SEO is a lot more of a slow burn.”

“We’re able to test and measure AdWords very quickly, rather than just waiting for the SEO to kick in.”

“You are talking to the people that are already interested in your product, so you’re already halfway there,” Paul said.

Clearwater has found the ability to test and fine tune its AdWords campaign means the results are always improving – and any changes are instant so there’s no more waiting around for the next edition of the Yellow Pages or newspaper.

“There are so many variables you can change and measure, be it content on your site, landing pages, bid process or the ads themselves, and it’s done in real time so you can see whether or not your thoughts are backed up by results with immediate impact, which is great,” Paul said.

“You’ve got to be evolving your campaign virtually daily, otherwise if you’re standing still or you’re going backwards. Unless you’re an expert it is difficult to know exactly which keywords will work and in what combination, and what structure and settings would work best.

“If you want to do Google AdWords properly and get good results, you need a partner like CleverClicks. They are experts, so it takes the guesswork out.

“And they have gone above and beyond just AdWords advice. They have given advice about improving our website’s persuasiveness, landing pages and calls to action. And all these elements are critical in getting the conversion.

“We are very, very happy with their services and would have no hesitation in recommending them. In fact we already have!”