DCSLawyers.com.au Case Study

Leading franchise specialist beats all expectations with “absolutely massive” returns from their AdWords campaigns.

When Australia’s leading franchise brands want to grow their business, they engage DCS Lawyers.

Iconic national and global brands such as Australia Post, Ben & Jerry’s, Gloria Jeans and Pandora have all worked with the corporate and commercial law firm, which specialises in franchising, licensing and distribution.

The firm’s experience and reputation as a franchise specialist is backed by results, with DCS Lawyers counting 60% of the winners at the 2011 Franchise Council of Australia awards as clients. “It goes to show the impact that DCS Lawyers has had on the leading brands in Australia,” online strategy manager Tim McDougall explained.

Previously relying on the name built over many years to drive prospects to its website, along with print features and event sponsorship, DCS Lawyers decided to take its marketing online using Google AdWords.

But the result was much more than just brand awareness; DCS Lawyers saw its Google AdWords campaigns’ result in significant new business.

“In actual revenue dollars, we’ve got a return of about 25:1, so it’s absolutely massive, and much higher than we ever predicted,” McDougall commented, admitting it almost seemed too good to be true at the time.

“We thought AdWords would be important in the short term while we were trying to build organic search results, but it surprised us just how good the return on investment has been. Our AdWords campaign directly impacted our revenue at somewhere between 15% and 20%,” McDougall said.

The success from online marketing with AdWords has meant the company has changed the way it takes enquiries from clients. Being able to specifically target the ‘hot’ prospects that have high intent to purchase is a big advantage of Google AdWords.

The flexibility of running an AdWords campaign has also been a plus for DCS Lawyers. “As a particular lawyer’s week fills up, we can actually turn down the AdWords campaign that relates to their skill set and turn it up on the resource that is available at the time,” McDougall said.

“It’s been pretty phenomenal and it’s feeding a motivation to continue what we’re doing, but also how important online marketing is to our business. We are now sitting down and working out how we can handle this level of enquiries.”

Now looking at AdWords to sit alongside search engine optimisation (SEO) into its longer-term online marketing strategy, DCS Lawyers can see the ongoing benefit of committing to AdWords. “I see it very much working hand-in-hand with SEO,” McDougall said.

As an online marketing manager, McDougall had worked with other AdWords partners in previous roles, but has never come across the level of experience in this area before now.

“I certainly haven’t been as impressed with any other company in the past. We couldn’t be happier with CleverClicks. It’s very obvious that they know what they are talking about.”

“We’ve got absolute confidence that CleverClicks really understand what they’re doing at a very deep level and we’ve been singing their praises to our clients,” he said.