Case Study

Google AdWords propels start-up from $0 to $59,000 in sales on a $2,500 advertising budget.

Struggling to find the right cubby house for their children, Paul and Gail Carroll were uninspired by the options until they came across Brisbane builder David’s creations.

The couple snapped up one of David’s cubbies for themselves, fell in love with it, then introduced the unique and high quality wooden designs to Australian parents.

“Our cubbies blend the best of both worlds to inspire fine and gross motor skills as well as an active imagination,” Gail explained.

Having already conducted extensive research into cubbies for their own purposes, Paul and Gail knew the online space would help extend My Cubby’s reach across the country.

“We knew online was the best way for a business like ours, so we could target parents specifically.”

After considering advertising in print media, Yellow Pages, radio and TV, My Cubby decided to concentrate its marketing efforts online, knowing the niche product was something customers researched – and often bought – on the web.

“There’s such a small percentage of the population that would be interested in these cubby houses, so we figured advertising online was the most effective way for us and, probably, our return for dollar would be much higher online than it would be in print,” said Gail.

My Cubby’s research showed almost all searches for cubby houses were done through Google, so they knew where to concentrate their marketing efforts in the short term.

“Everyone knows Google and it’s the only place we ever go to search for anything. It was just the logical choice and it has proven to be right,” Gail said.

“We get 90% of our leads from Google AdWords. And the financial return has been staggering!”

Almost all My Cubby’s leads come from their Google AdWords campaign. These leads were extremely high quality, a fact proven by the high lead-to-sales conversion rate of 34%.

In monetary terms, a $2,500 investment in Google AdWords towards the end of 2011 netted My Cubby $59,000 in revenue. That’s a pretty staggering return!

“We were delighted. AdWords target people specifically who are looking for our products,” Gail explained. “It’s brilliant. You can choose the target words that are important to you, so you can really tailor the campaign to your product.”

My Cubby also enjoys the flexibility of being able to change strategy and investment on the fly, without having to wait days or weeks for someone to fix the copy or update an ad for the next edition.

“I love that we can change our budget all the time depending on how we’re going. We can go up or down very easily,” she said, admitting she had now become addicted to checking My Cubby’s stats on Google Analytics.

“If we didn’t have Google AdWords I would be spending a lot in marketing and reaching smaller groups in a local newspaper, so we wouldn’t be reaching the same audience that we are online,” she said.

My Cubby’s longer-term marketing strategy involves continuing with Google AdWords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), with the end goal to appear on page one of Google’s organic searches for cubby houses.

“If it wasn’t for AdWords I don’t think we’d be anywhere. I can’t see us not using AdWords. I think it’s just the most effective way of getting to people immediately.”

My Cubby has big plans to expand the product range, including focusing more on customised cubbies, and targetting schools and kindergartens throughout Australia from its Victorian base. Working with CleverClicks on their online marketing strategy is an integral part of this expansion.

“CleverClicks have been brilliant, and have gone beyond the call of duty.”

“They are really interested in trying to help us make our business work and have given us lots of advice. We appreciate everything they’ve been doing for us. It’s nice to have somebody who’s really interested and trying to help a business like ours grow. We thoroughly recommend them.”