Case Study

Property Buyer is a multi award-winning buyer’s agent that helps home-buyers, investors, developers, expats and overseas investors through all steps in the property buying process.

Their services help property buyers find the best possible property to match their needs – saving considerable time, money and stress in the process. In addition to 10 business awards, Property Buyer won the Telstra Small Business award for the best micro business in Australia in 2007.

Property Buyer recently teamed up with online marketing experts CleverClicks to manage a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign to increase the number of sales leads generated from their website.

Property Buyer managing director Rich Harvey was interviewed about his motives for improving Property Buyer’s online presence.

Why did you decide to start a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign?

The internet is an excellent marketing channel for us. Our target market is very much online. Even though we don’t sell a product on our website, many customers research our services using search engines like Google. When someone types in “buy property Sydney” or “buyers agent Sydney” into Google, we wanted to be right in front of the potential customer, and have as few leads as possible going to our competitors.

Have you been pleased with the results of the SEO campaign?

We are delighted with the results! Traffic to our website has more than doubled as a result of many top 10 rankings for important keyword phrases. For some keywords we are even above some well known property portal websites.

Sales leads from our website are now not only the biggest source of new business for Property Buyer, but these leads also deliver the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any of our marketing spend by a factor of three!

How does a marketing channel like Google compare to traditional marketing channels like newspaper advertising?

We have found that marketing ourselves through Google has some distinct benefits over the traditional offline world.

1) You get in front of your potential customer at the precise moment they are looking for you. Hence it is very targeted. You do not waste any advertising spend on readers who are not ready to buy your services;

2) You save time and effort as there is no cold calling. Potential customers find our website, and fill in an enquiry form or phone our office;

3) With the help of a web analytics program like Google Analytics, all activity, spend and returns are easily measurable, and so it helps us to easily work out which areas are working well, and which areas can be further improved;

4) Search engine optimisation (SEO) is low cost. Because we measure our customer acquisition costs, we know that it is three times cheaper to acquire a customer through Google than any other source (besides ‘word of mouth’ obviously).

5) SEO is also a fixed cost, which means we do not pay more if more customers click on our link on the search engine results page. If 100 customers clicked on our site tomorrow, the cost to us would be zero!

What has been your experience of working with CleverClicks?

We have been very pleased with the service and results we have achieved since engaging CleverClicks. They have taken the time to understand our business strategy and really listen to our needs. They explain the underlying processes simply with minimal technospeak which is refreshing. I find they’re also very responsive to any requests we have.

Overall I would be very happy to recommend their services. In fact, I already have!