Case Study

What started as a one-room psychology practice has swelled into 13 consulting rooms with 20 psychologists as a result of a clever Google AdWords campaign, which delivers 70% of their new leads.

Psychology Melbourne provides counselling and psychological education and testing for both individuals and corporates. They specialise in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relationship counselling, eating disorders, anxiety and depression as well as a range of .psycho-educational classes and training.

Psychology Melbourne previously tried direct mail, letters, cold calling and radio and newspaper advertising. The organisation then went online with Facebook and Yellow Pages, but hit on the right formula with Google AdWords.

“AdWords started to give us consistent callers and they’ve grown to the extent that 70% of our business comes from AdWords. It’s absolutely our number one priority. It has outstripped everything,” Jill said.

“We started off with one small operation in Albert Park and we got the impression from the people who were responding to the ads that there was an opportunity in the city. So, because of AdWords, we actually opened new premises in the city. And now, the Albert Park practice is flourishing but the bulk of our work comes from that new location.”

And the story just gets better. From one serviced room in Melbourne, the practice quickly grew to four rooms and then nine. “We knew we could control the geographical location from AdWords, and since so many of our clients were in the CBD, that became a vital strategic motivation for us,” Jill explained.

“Without AdWords, we’d still be a small operation in Albert Park run by one therapist.”

Psychology Melbourne has also expanded its range of services to include services like training in corporate coaching as a result of the business growth.

“Google AdWords puts your business in front of the prospect at the point that they are actually thinking about your services.”

“We tried newspapers and magazines and we got some results if they ever ran a story about us, but the advertising was useless, as was radio. Nothing allows you to draw your potential customer’s attention in the way that AdWords does.”

Before Psychology Melbourne started working with CleverClicks, all marketing was handled in-house. Then the organisation realised it could save money by getting an expert to run the campaign.

“CleverClicks has been a very valuable partner with us in maximizing returns and minimizing our costs,” Jill said.

“In the past we found that we were spending too much, that we didn’t really understand it – it’s far too complex. We found we were too busy running our business to be giving the sort of focus that you really need to make these sorts of things work well.

“You need to focus on how much you’re spending on your ads, your cost per click, quality scores, click-throughs – all these things are vital and unless you can afford to put someone on that full time, it can be challenging.

“CleverClicks have doubled our click-through rate, boosted our quality scores, significantly decreased our costs, and most importantly, increased our leads.

We came through the recommendation of somebody who was a big client of Clever Clicks and was very happy with the service. And we would happily recommend them,” Jill added.