Welcome to the Online Marketing Secrets for Small Business Podcast where you will learn online marketing tips & strategies, from the experts who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and in some cases, even written the book.

Learn how to :
  1. Make your website so persuasive even Dale Carnegie would be impressed;
  2. Boost your website traffic with Search Engine Optimisation & Pay per click advertising secrets;
  3. Propel your website conversion rates to the moon;
  4. Make your website more social than Paris Hilton; and
  5. Get valuable insights from your web analytics to CRUSH IT online

You won’t hear empty promises of overnight riches, just proven online marketing advice, for real world small businesses.

Podcast 18 – Writing Awesome Ad Copy For Google AdWords

Listen in, as we get DEEP into your prospects psyche with Google AdWords legend Howie Jacobson, where you will learn:

– how to tap into your intuition to understand your prospects’ fears, hopes and dreams;
– the objective of the ad copy vs a landing page;
– how to write ad copy that avoids the ‘sea of sameness’.

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Podcast 17 – Google AdWords Match Types & Bidding Settings

Understanding Google AdWords match types and the various bidding settings can be the difference between life and death of your PPC campaigns.

Listen to this interview with a legend in the pay per click industry. He has built and sold a successful PPC agency. He has written multiple books on the topic, has written for almost every search news outlet, and has spoken at more search conferences than I’ve had breakfasts.

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Podcast 16 – Google AdWords Quality Score

If ever Google AdWords had a magical ingredient that needed understanding it is “Quality Score”.

What most people don’t realise is the direct relationship your Quality Scores have on your profits. Join us for this chat about what Quality Score means to your account, how to analyse it, and most importantly, how to master it.

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Podcast 15 – Search Engine Optimisation for 2012 post Penguin

The Search Engine Optimisation world has recently been dealt a bit of a shock in the form of Google’s ‘Penguin’ algorithm update.

Learn from one of Australia’s most well known SEO experts, Dan Petrovic, what this means for your SEO in 2012 and what you should be focused on to dominate your niche online.

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Podcast 14 – The New Google Analytics Interface

The new Google Analytics interface has some incredible new functionality to help you make better marketing decisions.

And who better to discuss these recent changes with than founder of the Google Analytics User Conference (GAUGE Con) in the US, published author, and Google Analytics Certified Partner, Caleb Whitmore.

Listen in as we talk flow visualisation, multi-channel funnels, user interface changes, custom reports, dashboards and a whole lot more.

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Podcast 13 – Google AdWords Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing or retargeting with Google AdWords is a huge opportunity for businesses. And who better to tell us how it’s done, than the expert to the experts.

Dave Booth spends a lot of his time flying around the world at Google’s request to teach agencies (who manage AdWords campaigns for a living) the intricacies of advanced Google AdWords.

He is also founder of one the largest pure play web analytics consultancies in the world, Cardinal Path.

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Podcast 12 – Using Google Analytics for Google AdWords

Nick Iyengar lead the Google Analytics “Guru Team” at Google in Mountainview, and before that, managed tens of millions of dollars of AdWords spend consulting with Google’s biggest customers.

Now he consults with Cardinal Path, one of the largest Analytics companies in the world. Having been both inside the big Googzilla and now an external consultant, it gives him a unique perspective.

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Podcast 11 – Understanding Link Building for SEO

Danny Dover lead the SEO team at SEOmoz, the world’s leading SEO software company. He was heavily involved in growing their blog readership to 100,000 readers PER DAY!

He was a big part of the success of Open Site Explorer (the best link analysis tool on the web). He has also spoken at SEO conferences all over the world.

His SEO Secrets book on Amazon is getting awesome reviews.

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Podcast 10 – Google AdWords Tips & Tricks (Part 2)

Stasia Holdren has trained over 5,000 people to improve their returns from the incredible advertising machine called Google AdWords.

Like all gifted trainers, she is great at simplyfing the complex. Google think so too.

They got her to develop the original Seminars for Success curriculum, and have endorsed her to train AdWords users, which she has been doing for over 5 years.

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Podcast 9 – Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing

Jay Berkowitz is renown in for his 10 Golden Rules of Internet Marketing. He is a highly regarded online marketing expert who has been in the field longer than most.

Jay is also founder of the popular (and free) Internet Marketing Club which provides great great content and community to help improve your skills.

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Podcast 8 – Facebook Marketing for Businesses

It seems everyone is talking about Facebook marketing these days. But what really is everyone so excited about and how should you go about developing a Facebook marketing plan? Who better to discuss this topic than award winning B2B marketing expert & Facebook marketing expert Paul Dunay.

He’s author of the recently published Facebook Marketing Guide for Dummies. In fact, he’s published four books now. If Paul’s views on the future of marketing in Facebook don’t get you fired up, I don’t know what will.

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Podcast 7 – Understand Google Analytics & Increase Your Website Leads

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to understand your marketing initiatives and getting your website to produce more leads. Listen to this podcast as we talk to highly respected analytics expert Justin Cutroni to find out the tips & tricks to boost your websites performance.

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Podcast 6 – Online Marketing Strategy

Listen to this great podcast discussion with online marketing legend Mary O’Brien on how to tackle your online marketing strategy. We cover a whole range of internet marketing areas including persuasive websites, SEO, PPC, email marketing, testing and more.

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Podcast 5 – Google AdWords Display Network

In this episode we talk about the Google AdWords Display Network (formerly the Content Network) which is a massive opportunity for online marketers to get cheaper conversions than the search network – IF you do it right.

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Podcast 4 – Google AdWords Tips & Tricks

In this episode we discuss Google AdWords tips and tricks with Brad Geddes, a man who has been doing pay per click longer than Google themselves! He is author of the only Advanced book on Google AdWords, and is also the only Google endorsed trainer of the Advanced Google AdWords courses in the USA.

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Podcast 4 – Google AdWords Tips & Tricks

In this episode we discuss Google AdWords tips and tricks with Brad Geddes, a man who has been doing pay per click longer than Google themselves! He is author of the only Advanced book on Google AdWords, and is also the only Google endorsed trainer of the Advanced Google AdWords courses in the USA.

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Podcast 3 – Search Engine Optimisation Tools

We talk with SEO guru Dixon Jones, who has been doing search marketing since the beginning of time, about trends in search engine optimisation, and how you can use SEO tools to seriously boost your rankings.

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Podcast 2 – Search Engine Optimisation for WordPress

In this episode, we chat with internet consultant Scott Hendison about trends in search engine optimisation, link building strategy, content creation strategies, and some tips on search engine optimisation for wordpress.

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Podcast 1 – Improving Website Conversions

Conversion is the science of turning Web traffic into leads and sales. It is the art of engaging a visitor and helping them solve their problems. Join me as I talk with Brian Massey from Conversion Scientist about how to improve website conversions.

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