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Stop thinking about Google!

Strange advice from a search engine marketing agency who offer SEO services, perhaps?

You’re probably aware of how much SEO has changed in the past 18 months or so. Some people are even saying SEO is dead.

SEO in its old definition (cunning trickery performed by pony-tailed, Dungeons & Dragons-playing geeks) is dead, yes. But the strategy of connecting with your prospects through search engines is well and truly alive! And today, this is what a good SEO service does.

However, you need to STOP thinking about Google, and start thinking about what you can create to connect with your prospects and provide great value to them. This ‘new SEO’ is much more about strategy, content and intimate knowledge of what searchers want.

Some call it “content marketing”.

We prefer to think of it as “education-based marketing”.

The critical strategy is to plan what sort of content you can create for your prospects at different stages of the buying cycle. This will lead to natural inbound links to this interesting content, then your perceived authority from Google will grow, and therefore your traffic.

As a result of the increased traffic, and your prospects trusting you more because you have educated them, your leads and sales will grow. This is the sweet spot for online marketers.  Saying you’re the leading blah blah blah in your market means nothing. Proving it means everything. You’ll see that in your monthly traffic report.

Yes, you will still need to consider geeky search-engine best practice, but without the education-based marketing, you will flounder. Hopelessly.

Do not pay an SEO agency money to perform hocus pocus. You will be severely disappointed.If you truly want to see a significant difference in your traffic, rankings and, of course, sales, then education-based marketing is the only way to go.

Whether you manage your company’s SEO in-house, outsource to an online marketing agency, or are just getting your feet wet, at some point you will realise that a great SEO solution (or inbound marketing strategy) does not come about by accident.

At CleverClicks we’ve come to realise that the most critical factor in providing clients with great SEO service is a totally transparent relationship with our clients.
We give you full control of your data and constant insight into your results and the actions taken to grow your organic search presence. Gone are the days of not knowing what your SEO team are doing, bogus reporting and shady SEO analysts. With CleverClicks, you’ll be kept in the know every step of the way.

Our SEO Services include

SEO Management

I need an SEO expert to manage my SEO strategy.

SEO Audit

I need an independent SEO audit report.
seo audit

Penalty Recovery

My traffic has plummeted and I need urgent help.

SEO Consulting

I need consulting about a specific SEO issue.
seo consulting


seo services

We offer search engine optimisation services to all Australian companies based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and beyond, specialising in SEO for WordPress.

We offer SEO Management for medium- to long-term campaigns that includes technical optimisation, content and social media strategies as well as link building. For your shorter term needs, we have SEO audits, penalty recovery strategies and SEO consulting.

We also offer customised SEO training for businesses who want to learn the latest in digital marketing trends and empower their team with the knowledge and skills  to do SEO in house.

But if you live elsewhere in Australia, or even abroad, we’ll gladly make a plan and can conduct meetings or training sessions via our online meeting room software.

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