Penalty Recovery Services

Been playing Russian roulette with your rankings? Get Your Organic Search Traffic Back.

Been playing Russian roulette with your rankings? Get Your Organic Search Traffic Back.

Frustrated by a sudden drop in organic conversions? Chances are Google has caught you for violating their guidelines – whether intentionally or by accident.

How do you know if a penalty is to blame for your drop in rankings or organic traffic? Perhaps you have noticed the following:


  • Your key pages are no longer appearing in Google’s index.
  • The drop you’ve noticed  in rankings and traffic happened almost overnight.
  • There is a warning in Google Webmaster Tools under Manual Actions.


Being penalised sucks. There are no two ways about it. But you can get your website rankings repaired.

At CleverClicks, we take the sting out of Google Penalties by providing a systematic recovery roadmap and execution plan.


Our approach includes:

  • Penalty Assessment: identify the update or penalty affecting the site (Penguin, Panda etc.).
  • Violation Removal: Searching for, finding and removing any violations upsetting the Search Engine while preserving valuable content or link assets. The type of things we remove may vary greatly due to the nature of the penalty.
  • Google Submissions: These may vary from Reconsideration or Disavow Links request.
  • Getting Google to recrawl your website, and
  • Monitoring performance.

Penalties don’t have to be a life sentence for your business.

At CleverClicks, our SEO penalty specialists provide honest and straightforward solutions to resolving Google Penalties.

Although we cannot guarantee short-term recovery from penalties, we can remove violations and put your site in the best position for recovery.

Types of Penalties: Algorithmic vs. Manual

A manual penalty is probably the easiest to diagnose. This occurs when one of Google’s spam-fighting team conducts a manual review of your website, whether the violations are onsite (ie. over-optimisation for targeted keywords) or offsite (such as large scale link exchanges).

Webmasters can check for manual penalties within Google’s Webmaster Tools console. Common causes of a manual penalty include the following:


Unnatural links to your site

Hacked site

User-generated spam

Spammy freehosts

Thin content with little or no added value

Cloaking or sneaky redirects

Pure spam

Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing

Unnatural links from your site


An Algorithmic Penalty is more difficult to diagnose because the only evidence will be a sudden drop in traffic, rankings or pages within Google’s index. These typically occur when the search engines update their algorithms to improve the quality of the search index, by weeding out sites that violate their guidelines.

Most typically algorithmic penalties combat web spam (such as low quality link building, keyword stuffing, duplicate content) and poor website quality.


Some of the most notable algorithm updates include:
  • Google Panda Update: Launched in February 2011, Panda targets sites with low quality usability and content, especially duplicate and thin content.
  • Google Penguin Update: Launched in April 2012, Penguin targets sites using spam techniques to gear positive search engine rankings, which include involvement in link networks, manipulative anchor text, and keyword stuffing.
  • Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update: Launched in September 2012, EMD restricts sites that contain keywords in their domain name from having an unfair advantage in rankings.
  • Google Top Heavy Update: Launched in January 2012, Top Heavy targets sites that include large quantities of advertising above the fold.

Whether it’s Panda, Penguin or any other penalty, CleverClicks can mop up the mess. Don’t let a Google penalty or algorithm update be the end of your business or website. Accidents happen, and our SEO recovery services will help get you back on track.

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