Vision And Purpose

Why does CleverClicks Exist?

We exist to facilitate growth: we are growth-obsessed. Not only are we dedicated to growing our clients’ businesses, but we’re devoted to growing our employees as well.

The truth is - we’re a people business. We know that the strength as a company is directly proportional to the brilliance of our team, so the better our people are feeling, the better we can serve our clients. It’s a feed-forward cycle of growth and success. 

Our Goal

As an employer we have a simple goal: to become the best place to work in South Africa.

Yup. Seriously. We want to be the best employer in the country. 

How do we achieve this lofty goal?

By offering perks like free beer, flexi-hours, your birthday off work, days to work from home in your pajamas?


Well, actually, we do offer all those things and more (you’ll see a full list of our perks below) but that’s not what our people value most.

We’re a great company to work because we have this crazy, ‘new school’ belief that work should not be the centre of your universe. Our families, friendships and our health should always come first - even if that means our work being delayed.

If you or your mother/child/ best friend needs support in any way, drop your work and go support them. However long it takes. Someone will cover for you, and if they can’t and the client is not understanding of the rescheduled work, then they probably won’t be a client for much longer. We’re that serious.

We also believe that people are smarter than most managers give them credit for. We know that the more freedom & opportunities we give you, the more space there is for your particular brand of genius to shine.

We do not operate like a big, soulless corporate. Micromanaging, office politics, bureaucracy, the daily grind… Hard no. Your life is too short to be wishing away 5 days of your week. 

My favourite thing about working at CleverClicks

Anika - Social Media & UX Expert


I love that CleverClicks puts such huge emphasis on individual and career growth, I'm constantly growing and hardly ever not challenged!

Remote working is also a definite win for me, with an ever-growing population comes more traffic and less time in your daily life so remote work gives everyone so much more opportunity to live a fuller life.


What Sets Us Apart?

Remote work

Work from Japan, or your favourite local cafe. We’re a digital business - an internet connection is all you need.

Learning time 

We give you working hours each week to dedicate to learning & upskilling yourself. 


We send our staff to conferences (overseas and locally) as rewards for job well-done.

Flexi hours 

Structure your days how you want. Start at 6 am, yoga at 11, leave at 4? Go for it.

Free coffee 

Free & unlimited cappuccinos for all those who meet their targets.

Open bar 

Because Friday afternoon meetings are better with gin. 

Birthdays off

You get the day off on your birthday.

Office PlayStation, foosball, mini cricket 

Our Woodstock office is a playground.

Results-focused (not time) 

Results achieved mean way more than hours spent. If you finish all your work or hit all your targets with time to spare - go home!


Our team gets an allowance to spend on things like gym memberships or yoga classes. 

Career coaching

All our staff have regular sessions with a qualified business coach.

Less time doing things you don’t like 

We actively try to minimise the time you spend on tasks you don’t love. If you don’t like something, we’ll do what we can to help get it off your plate.

Work-life balance 

Work does not equal life. We actively encourage our employees not to diversify their happiness portfolios and not let work become their everything.

Performance coaching 

We have an in-house ‘performance-optimiser’ to help you become the best version of yourself, whether that’s personally, professionally or both. 

Flat management 

Your position doesn’t determine the quality of your ideas or opinions. If you don’t enjoy speaking up, we’re probably not the agency for you.

Values focus 

We live and breathe our company values, and our culture is built around them. Every member of our team is evaluated on each of our values as part of their performance reviews, and every week each person nominates someone who they feel as embodied our values best.