Easy to Understand, Actionable SEO Audits

Perhaps you’ve already paid someone for SEO help, but you’re frustrated that your SEO efforts are going nowhere slowly?

Whether you’re outsourcing or managing SEO in-house, you may just need an independent expert audit report of all things SEO.

We can help.

At CleverClicks, our SEO Audit evaluates your website using current best practices, search engine guidelines and historical data to determine key issues and optimisation opportunities to enhance your SEO performance....

The SEO Audit includes:
  • A full and in-depth SEO website evaluation of your site in its entirety.
  • An executable SEO Audit Document (Best read with a bottle of shiraz).
  • An online presentation – summarising the audit’s findings, highlighting key issues and opportunities, and answering questions.

Included in the audit are chapters on Site Health, Technical, UX/CTR/Conversions, Content, Social, and Link Profile.

This SEO Audit is ideal for clients who are:
  • Concerned their SEO agency is not providing a best practice SEO service.
  • Concerned they have been penalised.
  • Conducting SEO in-house and want to save time on their initial strategy.
  • Have recently redeveloped their website.
  • Want to learn more about SEO before committing to an agency.
  • Are doing their own SEO and want an analysis and review to highlight weaknesses

It’s important to acknowledge that many so-called SEO audits and analyses are sales tools in disguise. We need to highlight that ours is a stand-alone service.

While many clients do engage us for further work, this website evaluation and audit report is delivered as a complete stand-alone product! That’s a promise.

Contact us about having your website audited on 1300 859 700 or make an online enquiry.

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