Some Of Our Happy Clients

Macquarie Bank

“Philip and the team at CleverClicks have been an invaluable resource with consultation and guidance through what can be a minefield of online statistics and settings. We have achieved some great results in a short space of time.”

Adam Blake

“The increased website traffic has resulted in an excellent increase in sales enquiries, which has meant that we have now cut back over 80% on print media spend. My staff have often commented how many leads are coming from our website.”

Jurgen Schmechel

“Thank you so much for your insights and tricks. I use AdWords very successfully, but what you have shown me has just put a totally different spin on things. I am getting more clicks for a cheaper price. The session paid for itself tenfold. You are a genius in your field!”

Simon Smith

“Philip spoke to a number of small business owners at a Manly Chamber of Commerce educational event I recently organised – and he went down an absolute storm! The feedback I had from the attendees was universally excellent.”

Ann Jenkins (Sydney)

“CleverClicks are our new bestfriend. On AdWords and Google Analytics they have opened up an exciting new set of tools to help us manage our business – where most leads come via our website. Philip explained the complexities and possibilities so well, in a way we could understand, and related it to OUR business.”

Brett Rule

“We manage our AdWords internally and wanted to make sure we were up with the latest techniques and tactics that SEM agencies were using. We found CleverClicks’ SEM Auditing Service extremely helpful, with minimal sales pitch. The affordable expense of the audit service will be recovered in a matter of days by implementing the AdWords”

Louise Barry

“I trust CleverClicks to provide a high level of service for all SEO and online marketing activities. I have recommended to friends and colleagues, who have also had great results with CleverClicks.”

Robert Gerrish

“We retained Philip to help us clarify strategies concerning Google AdWords campaigns. We were very impressed with his approach, the depth of his knowledge and the way he pushed us to think more deeply about our online activities. I have little doubt we will use Philip again, and we take pleasure in referring him to anyone.”

Paul G

“Philip gave us exactly what we wanted. I will definitely be recommending CleverClicks. He was able to determine the level of expertise within the company and offer information that was beneficial to us and that we could immediately implement. I was truly impressed with the depth of the research he put into our site.”

Simon Reynolds (The Fortune Institute)

“Clever Clicks are smart, motivated and efficient. I highly recommend them.”

Marieken (Sheridan)

“Professional service provider who understood our needs and could provide us with a timely based analytics solution (and we move fast!)”


“I don’t want my competitors to know I have seen you! I want to maintain the upper hand!!!”

Tania Muniz (Coface Australia)

“Very useful, enlightening and practical… I highly recommend CleverClicks to those businesses that are starting with Google Adwords / Analytics or to those that think they are not getting enough return from Google Adwords and do not know why…”

Brian Naylor (

“Seriously amazing expertise and delivery. The synapses firing around the office after our training session could power a large city. Philip knows his stuff and cut to the chase on what we could do to improve our business. We not only have a clear idea of what we need to fix, but a plan too”

Nikki Yeaman (

“Phillip seems to know everything worth knowing about Adwords. He has dymistified many of the aspects of Adwords that had us stumped and given us the tips, tools and strategy to go forward and vastly improve our campaign. Phillip is an engaging speaker and a natural teacher. ”

Oliver Palmer (mag nation)

“Super impressed.”

Ilaria (Simeoni & Co)

“We were really happy with Clive. He was very knowledgeable and professional with great teaching skills! Easy to understand and very patient.”

Paul Faunt (MEX)

“The one day workshop covered all aspects of Adwords that we feel will help MEX grow. All advise has been taken into account and implemented. Phil was very helpful and answered everyone of our questions. All in all, a worthwhile session. I had a session with Lara and she had an answer for everything I threw her way”

Rebekah (Balance Marketing)


Paula (Balance Marketing)

“We found Clever Clicks extremely professional and helpful. A tailored course means that we can apply the skills we learn away. The follow up session was great as it allowed us to go over anything that we had more questions on. Would definitely recommend and look at doing more courses in the future.”

Glen Carter (SET Solutions)

“10 / 10”

Sonia Crouche (SET Solutions)

“Phillip was great. He was willing to assist us with any questions we had and gave us tips on what we need to do to be ahead of the game.”

Darryl (Kennards Self Storage)

“Your expertise and manner in making it easy to understand made me embarrassed at how little I knew. The subject of SEO baffles the best of us still and it shouldn’t. Your service helped build our understanding and start along the path to a better strategy. ”

Ryanz Prasad (MGSM)

“I found Philip’s training extremely helpful, the AdWords tips he provided in the session was of high standards. I will highly recommend this training to others. Friendly, accommodating, informative, comprehensive, motivating and challenging.”

Amanda Thompson (The Japan Foundation)


David Freeman (The Japan Foundation)

“We covered about a weeks worth of instantly useful content in one day yet it wasn’t overload. Phillip showed us how easy the concepts of Google Analytics really are.”

Natalie Foley (BeddingCo)

“Fabulous use of my time and energy. I now understand the broad concepts of SEO, SEM and PPC – terms which used to intimidate me. It also gave me the confidence to start creating marketing strategies to utilise these fundamentals which is extremely liberating.”

Joe Accurso (Emedia Creative)

“In depth knowledge”

Helen Maguire

“Wow! Comprehensive, informative, motivating and challenging. Your information came at just the right time – a great kickstart forward for me. Thank you.”

Nicky Walsh

“When I first saw Philip at an online marketing seminar I was not only impressed with his knowledge but also his passion for his work. Sharing a similar passion for online opportunities, but being significantly behind him in knowledge, I met with Philip to gain more understanding and, specifically, to take my Google AdWords to the next level”


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